Atlanta, GA Feb 3-5, 2023 at the Yaraab Shrine Center

Festival report by Charles Shapiro

Photos of the festival by Joyce Howard and others

Photos of the festival by Kelly Jordan and article by Hannah Jones at Saporta Report

Videos of the festival by Andrew Austin, Official Videographer

Videos of the festival by others

Yaraab Shrine Tyler - Marshall Patton



Director - Spencer Schwab

Assistant - Madelyn Dinnerstein

Games Winners

  • 3-Ball Simon Says - Dan Brown (FL)
  • 5-Ball Endurance - Dan Brown (FL)
  • Club Balancing - Jasper Murphy (TX)
  • Club Crown - Jacob Tillman (FL)
  • Quarters - Jasper Murphy (TX)
  • 7-Club Passing - Doug Sluder (NC) and Keith Campbell (NC)
  • Huggling - Jasper Murphy (TX) and Chris Sirico (NC)
  • Blind Juggling - Jasper Murphy (TX)
  • Ball Combat Juggling - Dan Brown (FL)
  • Club Combat Juggling - Dan Brown (FL)




Director - Dan Howard

MC - DrewBob Ford

Judges Wrangler and Timer - Jerry Taylor

Judges - Anna, Eileen, Lillian

Sound - Craig Lewis

Passing the Hat - Shivella Schwab and helpers

Entertainer while judges deliberate - Kathryn Carr

Entertainment by the Seed and Feed Marching Abominable Band


  • Abby Brodsky (Baltimore MD)
  • Ella Catanzaro (Silver Springs MD)
  • David DiMuzio (Nashville TN)
  • "Short Circuit" - Ben and Shelby Lipman (Sterling NJ)
  • Louella Whitaker (Philadelphia PA)
  • "Prison Blues" - Jasper Murphy (Austin TX)
  • "Ice Cream Man" - Caleb Black (Decatur GA)
  • "The Amazing Atticus" - Atticus Abraham (Crossville TN)
  • Harry Charles & Harrison Kendree (Rock Hill SC)


2023 PHIL Groundhog trophy winners

  • Most Sensational - Atticus Abraham
  • Most Groovy - Harry Charles & Harrison Kendree
  • Most Dazzling - Ben and Shelby Lipman



Director - Bruce Plott

Sound - Craig Lewis

MC - Jeff Bradley

  • Tim Settimi - singing "I'm OK" while playing ukelele
  • Larry Vee - rolla bola, unicycle, juggling rings and balls
  • Zared Henry - beatboxing
  • Jasper Murphy - juggling clubs
  • Iman Lizarazu - clowning
  • DrewBob Ford presents Mouse Award to Dan Howard
  • Abby - yoyoing and juggling balls
  • Rodger French - Semaphore
  • Dan Brown - juggling many balls


Vendors and Sponsors


More Festival Volunteers

It was great having so many volunteers helping put on the festival!

Publicity and website - Joyce Howard

Treasurer - Jay Jones

Registration - Shivella Schwab, Fran Favorini, Kelley Childs, Madelyn Dinnerstein, Dan Howard, Austin Childs, Anne Rohr, Joyce Howard, Jay Jones

Nametags, wristbands - Chuck Lazarow, Spencer Schwab, Jay Jones

Trophies - Walter Beals and Spencer Schwab

Artwork for t-shirt, nametags, wristbands and trophies - Andrew Austin, John Jessmon, Chuck Lazarow

Festival Booklet - Andrew Austin, Keith Watson, Joyce Howard

Facilities Director - Alan Tidwell

Transport, Setup and Takedown Helpers - Alan Tidwell, Austin Childs, Kelley Childs, Charles Shapiro, Dan Howard, Andrew Austin, Jay Jones, Joyce Howard, Ray Stern, Jerry Taylor, Don Lewis and many others

AJA Banner Setup and Takedown - Andy Ford

Forms, Signs, Posters - Austin Childs, Kelley Childs, Ray Stern, Alan Tidwell, Jay Jones, Don Lewis

Workshops Director - Sean Tessier

Workshop Leaders - Don Lewis, Sean Tessier, Kit Summers, Richard Kennison, DrewBob Ford, Afton Benson, Abby Brodsky, Alan Tidwell, Madelyn Dinnerstein, Joyce Howard, AJA Team

Vendors Coordinator - Austin Childs

Raffle - Austin Childs, Kelley Childs, Dan Howard

Maté and Snacks - Bruce Plott, Ray Stern, Kelly Hoyt, Anne Rohr, Alan Tidwell, Robin Purtee, Madelyn Dinnerstein and others

Water and cups - Ray Stern

Kids Korner - Ray Stern

History Table - Ray and Pat Stern

Cabaret Ticket Takers - Ray Stern and Austin Childs

Post Festival Dinner Coordinator & Festival Reporter - Charles Shapiro

Hosts for out-of-town Guests - Shivella Schwab, Austin and Kelley Childs, Bruce Plott, Joyce Howard, Jay Jones, Charles Shapiro and others